The website is a mini-game of questions which, after completing it, displays a ‘soul’ profile as a result which is compatible with the answers the user has provided.

The game consists of 15 questions with two possible answers for each one of them.

After answering the question, the video associated with the chosen answer will be displayed, and it will quantify the score to subsequently calculate the ‘soul’ profile.

Once all questions have been completed, the soul is chosen, from all of the possible ones, that has the best scores based on the answers obtained during the game.

The ‘soul’ is a character card that defines the player and the end of the game.

It contains information about their behavior and a list of historical or famous figures that share the same profile.

Apart from the game, we have dedicated a section of the website to the traveling exhibition organized by the fundació.cat.

It can be visited in different towns of Catalonia in 2020 and 2021.