Long story short, it’s about the adventures of Adam (yep, the guy from the Bible) and his faithful chum Ricky saving the world from Hitler and the Third Reich, who have happened to come across a time machine and plan on wreaking havoc up and down the timeline of human history.

While all of that is more or less the story, the game itself is a pixelart top-down shooter in which we can choose to be either Adam or Ricky, and fight against the hordes of the third (or fourth?) reich through their time travelling campaign of terror.

Adam and Ricky is developed in Unity.

All the graphic elements have been created from scratch. Enemies, scenarios, misc. assets, animations, FX effects, UI, …, absolutely everything.

For instance, here’s an enemy with 10 animations (more or less). Each one has a number of frames, and each frame has been drawn pixel by pixel. Now, multiply that by more than 20 different enemies, critters, scene objects, players, you get the idea.

The same applies to coding. Although Unity is famous for having thousands of assets, we found that most of them did not accomplish what we wanted, so the whole game is programmed by us with a couple of exceptions (the AI ​​trees and the device controllers).

We brought Adam and Ricky to the 2017 Barcelona Games World. We worked hard to achieve a solid, playable, and fun demo. It was our first time exhibiting at an event of this magnitude, and we wanted to get it right.

We prepared some stuff in order to get some attention. First, by decorating our space with tons of pixels out of cardboard making our beloved Adam and his perverted mate Ricky came to life! And last but not least, with some merchandise and in-game prizes.

We went to a fair to test the waters, as we really needed to see if Adam and Ricky would be accepted and enjoyed by our fellow gamers. We have to say that we were pleasantly surprised. It was priceless to see how everybody who played the game seemed to really enjoy it, to the point of giving truly valuable feedback and feature wishlists.