We are a Barcelona-based digital driven agency focused on marketing and web development.

Metódica - Oficina
Metódica - Equipo

We see ourselves as digital alchemists as we are passionate about creating unique and innovative experiences as a solution to our clients’ needs.

We think all the phases that a project goes through are equally important, and because of this, we pay special attention to each one of them. From pre-implementation design, to executing a marketing plan once development is complete.

Metódica - Equipo
Metódica - Equipo

We are quite good at:

Digital branding, UI / UX design, web & ecommerce design, Web & ecommerce development, video game development, technical consulting, project strategy, SEO / SEM, email marketing, content marketing, social media.

Metódica - Equipo
Metódica - Equipo

We have worked towards achieving unique projects.
From individuals to small and medium sized companies, to institutions and brands.

BCD, Cafés el Magnífico, Elisava, Freixenet, Fundació .cat, Fundació UFEC, Gimaguas, Grupo Lamadrid, Molins Design, Natura, Parellada Barcelona, Penguin Random House, Servei Estació, Thinking MU, Vergés, Vueling, White Summer.

We’re always open to new partnerships.
Among others, we have worked and collaborated with the following friends:

Alex Gordo, Ana Mirats, Andrés Requena, Aranda, Arauna, Atipus, Clara Cancelo, Digital Dosis, Enric Badrinas, Estudio Gerundio, Fardoe Ruitenberg, Francesc Moret, Helsinki Studio, León Romero, Mar de la Llave, Mayra Monobe, Mouthwash, Numa Merino, PAR, Run Design, Querida, Séptimo, Summa, Studio Walsh, This is Umami, Xavi Martínez.